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Retrospect Verify after Backing up cannot find Backup Set


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I've been using Retrospect 11.x for awhile now without any problems on my Windows 10 laptop.


Just today (2/2/17), it backups fine but then when the verification step starts it cannot locate the backup set.


Anybody else experiencing this?


The external disk drive containing the backup set is good.  I can locate the backup manually in File Explorer just fine.

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I'm seeing something similar on Retrospect 11.5 & Windows 10 when verifying a Retrospect backup on a new Western Digital “My Cloud EX2 Ultra” NAS unit, being used as pre-configured in the factory (RAID 1).  


Within the first few minutes, after verifying the first GB or two, Retrospect throws error -116 with the message:  'Trouble reading: "1-2017b" (372512), error -116 (volume doesn't exist)'


This happens about half the time (4 out of 7 tries) during either the verification stage of a backup or a stand-alone verification.  I'm getting no errors at all during the backup process itself.


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