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Meaning of error message?

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I've recently been seeing thousands of occurrences of the following error message in the operations log:


[*] TLocalVolEnum::NextEnum: UMakePath error -43 on volume brettw


The error messages are interspersed with other normal log entries and don't appear to be associated with any particular Retrospect activity, at least as regards the sequence in which these messages appear relative to the other log entries.


There is no local nor client volume "brettw," though there is such a folder on a mounted server volume and brettw appears as a user on a number of client volumes ("brettw" is the account of one of our IT guys). The name doesn't appear in the Sources list as a volume or a favorite folder.


I know error -43 as a file not found error, not something particular to Retrospect.


Any ideas? Thanks.

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