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Client computer won't delete from Sources--say's its busy

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The backup server was updated to v. 13 as verified in retrospect preferences. I went to the individual client computer (Mac 10.10.5) and updated it to Retrospect v. 13. (I uninstalled the prior version before installing v.13.) I removed the client computer from the backup server Sources. It is still listed with the "busy" icon on the left side and v.12.5 is posted as the version. I checked back and the client computer does show it is using v.13. 


I am trying to delete the client computer with the older v. of Retrospect (12.5) from Sources and then Add it back so the backup will resume. Retrospect is not removing the client computer from Sources and isn't backing up because it says it is busy.  Advice welcome!

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Retrospect Agent reply VERY helpful:   :)  (script is currently rebuilding catalog file). 


"I would start by making sure the script is not currently running.  If the script is stopped and you are unable to remove the client from sources, try going to System Preferences. Stop the Retrospect Engine and restart the Retrospect Engine again. Then return to sources, select the client and click Remove to remove it from the window.  Click Add to re-add the client. 

Please let us know if you have any additional questions,
The Retrospect Support Team"

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