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Client Disk Partition Offline with Retrospect 13

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After upgrading to Retrospect 13, I now have some clients that will not backup because the server thinks that the remote disk is offline. There is a ~ character in the status listing of the Sources. In fact, this disk is not offline on the client machine, it is mounted and all normal disk operations work correctly there. The disks in question are all actually partitions, and the other partitions (which are not being backed up) on that device do not register as offline.


Rebooting the server machine or restarting the server application does not fix the problem. Rebooting the client machine does fix the problem temporarily, but a few days later the problem will eventually reappear again. Stopping and restarting the Retrospect Client on the client machine does not fix the problem either. The onset of the problem seems to be random (I don't know how to make it start), but once it occurs it does not seem to ever fix itself. For example, I have one client that is online (I can ping it, but it is in a locked office that I cannot easily access physically) that has not been backed up for about 10 weeks now. On the other hand, I have some clients that never show this problem. All clients are running version 13.0.1(104) which I think is the most recent version.


Is this a known problem, and if so, can someone direct me to the solution? If it is not a known problem, then I can report it through support, but I wanted to check around first.

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