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Linux client is extremely slow


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execution time for backups thru Linux clients is very long.

I have noticed this problem for a long time but finally made up my mind

to open a topic about it in the forum.


These are the simple facts:


  -  12.07.16 23:03:09: Copying www on dev7

    12.07.16 23:03:09: No files need to be copied
    13.07.16 01:25:56: Snapshot stored, 772 MB
    13.07.16 01:26:11: Comparing www on dev7
    13.07.16 01:26:59: Execution completed successfully
    Duration: 02:23:49 (02:16:46 idle/loading/preparing)
As you can see even if no files needed to be copied, the backup with 
this Linux box takes nearly 2 and a half hours where copying and comparing
appearently only take a few minutes.
It gets worse when there are actually files to copy.
Is there a way to speed the execution up to mopderate speed so
that backing up Linux boxes doesn't hog my nightly backup schedule?
Linux client is
OS of the Linux box is 
3.13.0-30-generic #55-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 4 21:40:53 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Although this paricular client box (dev7) seems somehow extreme other Linux
clients in my nightly backup plan are slow as well:
   -  12.07.16 22:06:17: Copying www on dev5
    12.07.16 22:44:12: Snapshot stored, 373 MB
    12.07.16 22:44:26: Comparing www on dev5
    12.07.16 22:45:17: Execution completed successfully
    Completed: 22 files, 281,5 MB
    Performance: 234,6 MB/minute (146,8 copy, 582,4 compare)
    Duration: 00:39:00 (00:36:36 idle/loading/preparing)
Here 36 of 39 minutes are spent idling/load/preparing and
I assume, most of the time is needed to store the snapshot.
Any idea to speed things up?
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