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Want to sleep clients when done, except for one client


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Hi! I've been using the "Sleep client when done" option, and it's been working fine. But now one of my clients, a Mac Mini, is being used as a server, so I'd like to keep it awake, while still putting the other 3 Windows clients to sleep. Is there a way to set the sleep/don't sleep option on a per-client basis? If not, can someone suggest a way to keep the Mac Mini awake after backup, or automatically wake the Mac Mini after Retrospect Client puts it to sleep? Thanks!




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I don't have any recent version of Retrospect, but from your question I assume the "sleep" option is per script.


A workaround may be:

Move the Mac client to a new script, removing it from the original script.

Change the original script to use (say) execution unit number 4.

Schedule the new "Mac" script to run a few minutes after the original script and use the same execution unit as the original script.

That way they will run after each other without delay. The second script will wait for the first to finish and then run immediately.

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