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Manually Browse required for every backup file in a hard drive set

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Hi there.  I have a hard drive backup set from 2011 that I would like to transfer to an LTO-6 tape backup set.


Retrospect cannot see the actual backup files, it thinks they are all missing.


I have the hard drives mounted to the computer.  The drives appear in Windows File Explorer and I can see the backup files on them.  It's about 6TB of data over 5 drives.


When I run the Transfer Backup Set function, Retrospect immediately pops up a window "Please select the Backup Set member: (name of folder on drive)".  Even though the drive is clearly already mounted and ready to go...


So my only option is to click on "Choices", then "Browse", which opens a "Where is AA0000XX.rdb" file window, where I can browse to the missing file and select it, and then the backup transfer proceeds.  It works for about ten seconds (just long enough to transfer all the data in that 600MB chunk), and then I have to manually Browse to the next missing file.


Is there anyway for Retrospect to find these files on their own again?  Because this method will take forever to do manually.


I have tried restoring files from this set, and/or Repair Catalog, but any operation with this backup set requires manually browsing to each backup file.  It's unusable.


Thanks for any help.

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My guess is that the files has been transferred (at some point in time) from the original member to another hard drive.


Your best option would be to recreate the catalog file. Then Retrospect should find all the files.

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Thanks Lennart.


I don't think the backup files have been transferred, however the backup was likely originally created on our older pre-2012 server, maybe that has something to do with it.


I'm starting a Rebuild Catalog File from the hard drives now, will see if that works.

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