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full backup after 643 error rather than incrumental backup


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So let me paint the picture for you so everyone understands where I am at.  I came in this morning to find that the backup sets that I have been working on over the past week started to fail over night, giving me and error code -643 (not a chunk file or badly damage).  After talking with Retrospect some we found that the RtrSec.dir was corrupted and needed to be recreated.  I deleted this folder and this did seem to repair the error.


Though this fixed my error with the backup sets, I am now running the backups and they are doing a full new backup rather than just an incremental backup.  I have checked the settings for each backup set and everything checks out, however I do not see why this would happen.  These backup sets are rather large and running new backups would take about another week at best.


Right now I have rebuilt the catalog file and am testing one of the backup sets.  Has anyone ever had this happen before?  Does anyone have any suggestions?





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