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What is "thorough rebuild" and how do I change it?

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I have noticed that my backup logs recently have said at the beginning "using thorough rebuild." That sounds like more than is needed on a daily basis. Daily backups can be many gigabytes and take a long time.


I don't remember seeing that in the past, and I can't find anything in the documentation about it. I have had to make recycle backups for both of my backup sets recently, so I don't have records showing if backups have always used thorough rebuild or if that is something new.


What does it mean to use a thorough rebuild for every normal backup? Is it desirable? Is there a way to choose a different option?


I am using Retrospect Desktop for Windows, version 11.

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My guess is that you turned off "Fast catalog rebuild" in the Backup Set properties and the message you see in the log is just a reminder.


It would be interesting to see a full log from a backup (minus JUST the user name and other personal information).

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"Using thorough rebuild" started appearing in backup logs with Retrospect 11 for Windows. I believe this is related to the changes made to Catalog rebuilding in Retrospect 11 for Windows and also the .session files that Retrospect 11 for Windows stores with a disk backup set's .rdb files.


The .session files and the changes they relate to are covered in post ".session" files stored alongside ".rdb" files new to Retrospect v13? on the 'Retrospect 9 or higher for Macintosh' board.



It would be interesting to see a full log from a backup (minus JUST the user name and other personal information).


This is where 'Using thorough rebuild' appears in the log from Retrospect 11 for Windows backup:

+	Normal backup using Byre Laptop Proactive at 2016-05-13 21:31
		Using thorough rebuild
		2016-05-13 21:32:00: Finished scanning backup set data files
	To Backup Set Byre Laptop [B1603]...

-	2016-05-13 21:31:59: Copying Pushka Windows 10 Pro (C:) on Pushka-LT
		Unable to use Instant Scan
		2016-05-13 21:38:45: Found: 147,065 files, 27,588 folders, 53.6 GB
		2016-05-13 21:38:48: Finished matching
		Backing up 0 out of 4 files using block level incremental backup, storing full backups for remaining 4.
		2016-05-13 21:39:51: Copying: 799 files (2.3 GB) and 1 hard links
	2016-05-13 21:42:12: Building Snapshot...
		2016-05-13 21:42:16: Copying VSS writer files
		2016-05-13 21:42:50: Finished copying VSS writer files
		2016-05-13 21:42:56: Copying properties for 27,588 folders
		2016-05-13 21:43:10: Finished copying properties for 27,588 folders and 0 files
		2016-05-13 21:43:32: Copying Snapshot: 291 files (259.6 MB)
		2016-05-13 21:43:45: Snapshot stored, 259.6 MB
	2016-05-13 21:43:45: Execution completed successfully
		Completed: 799 files, 2.3 GB
		Performance: 965.3 MB/minute
		Duration: 00:11:45 (00:09:22 idle/loading/preparing)

-	2016-05-13 21:43:57: Verifying Byre Laptop [B1603]
	2016-05-13 21:44:51: Execution completed successfully
		Completed: 800 files, 2.3 GB
		Performance: 3367.0 MB/minute
		Duration: 00:00:53 (00:00:12 idle/loading/preparing)

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