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Stuck scripts in Retrospect 13

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Since upgrading to Retrospect 13, I have twice had a script become stuck for hours or days while attempting to back up a client. (The two instances were with different clients.) When in this stuck state, I was unable to stop the script execution in the Activities window. It was still stuck a half hour after clicking on "Stop." I had to stop the Engine. Here are the activities window and the relevant log excerpt from that window:






I suspect the problem occurred when the client computer was taken offline during the backup, and the disconnection was not handled gracefully. In recent versions before 13, Retrospect has in our experience appropriately logged this type of connection failure and moved on in the script.


The following may or may not be relevant to the above issue:


In today's failure, after I restarted the Engine, Retrospect began running a pending script. While this was running, I went to the Sources window and, as an experiment, clicked on the button to browse the particular source (Favorite Folder "Documents and Settings") that had been in the process of being backed up in the stuck script. A window immediately popped up saying that the source was busy (with no numerical error code), even though in actuality that computer was offline. I would instead have expected Retrospect to have attempted to connect for a good minute or so before putting up a -519 error window.


Curious, I then added that "Documents and Settings" source to an immediate backup script and ran it, setting it to back up to a different destination from the other script that was running. The backup appeared in the Activities:Waiting window, saying it was waiting for "Documents and Settings." I then removed the activity, shortly after which the Engine crashed. This time, after the Engine was restarted and I attempted to browse the "Documents and Settings" source, Retrospect's behavior was exactly as expected for an offline source: the attempt to connect for a minute and then putting up the -519 error window.

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