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Backup several shares from one server

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i´m new in using retrospect and hope do explain my question right.

We are using multiiserver 11 and i want to backup severeal shares from two larger nas-server. The backupsystem and the nas-servers works with windows server 2012 R2.  The amount of data ist around 150 TB. On these nas are several shares for different departements. What´s the best way to do a backup here? Should i backup each share  in one backup-set with an own script or ist ist better to backup the hole nas-server with one script in one backup-set?

At the moment it do it with serveral scripts, but my problem is, that i have no possibilty to work with the retrospect client on a nas during a script is still working.


Thanks a lot






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You can backup shares on a NAS device without needing to install a client. Go to 'Volumes' under 'Configure' and select 'My Network Places'. Then navigate to the share you want to backup. Once you have the share listed in the 'Volumes' list you can create a script selecting the share from the list as the source.


If your shares are very large you might want to take advantage of Retrospect's ability to do multiple backups at once by creating multiple backup sets and scripts to access them. This might depend on how much data changes each day. In our case we had a NetAPP appliance with over 30TB and over 30 shares. I divided the shares into three groups and backed each group up to a separate backup set. That way I was able to run three scripts at once to backup the data quicker.


One thing you need to be careful of is if your NAS makes its own snapshots on a regular schedule. With our NetApp I had to create a script that ran before the backup to turn off the snapshot viewing, and one to turn the snapshots back on when the backup finished. Otherwise the backup would contain multiple copies of the same files from the snapshots.

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