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We have two Win 2008 servers; both running Retrospect MultiServer. Recently I did a windows update on both servers. One of the servers, after rebooting and restarting Retrospect comes up with an error message asking for the original password for Privkey.dat to unencrypt the list of clients and backup sets. The Privkey and Pubkey were created over 10 years ago by a former admin. There is no record of what password he might have used.


The other server came back up and is working normally. I do not know why the Windows Update affected one server and not the other, or what file was damaged that Retrospect can't see all the clients. I have tried restoring the ProgramData folder from a backup with no success, and even copied the privkey and pubkey files from the machine that is working. The number of clients and backup sets is rather large and will take days to recreate.


Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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