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Delete specific backed up files from a backup set?

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We are using v11 for Windows. We accidentally backed up many GB of unnecessary files from a particular server, one of many servers that were backed up. I don't want to just recycle the backup set and start over. I have added the evil directory to the list of items to ignore going forward. But I would like to remove it from the backup in order to save space on the destination. Can I do that and if so, how? I don't want to wait for grooming to age it out.

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As far as I know, there is no way to delete just a directory.


What you could do is:

Start another backup set, perhaps a temporary one.

Copy/Transfer your current backup set to the new one using a filter that excludes the directory in question.

Then use the new backup set for your backups OR copy/transfer the files back to the original set and then "forget" the temporary backup set.

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You can forget all of a client's snapshots, provided you have a disk backup set.


From the top of my head:

Go to Configure->Backup set

Select the first snapshot from this client. 

Click on "Forget". Wait a few minutes.

Select the next snapshot from this client. 

Click on "Forget". Wait a few minutes.

Repeat until all snapshots have been forgotten.

In order to actually regain the space, you must now groom the backup set.

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