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Retrospect Backup Version 5.1.167 - how to view whole tape

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hi there - can anyone tell me how to view the entire contents of a tape?

Do you mean the contents of a single tape that's a member of a multi-tape backup set? If so, the best way to do that is to search for all files with a backup date and time between the time that the tape was first written to and the time it was last written to. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done, as Retrospect does not make a tape member's date/time information accessible, even though it knows it. What we did (and still do) is label each tape with the date and time it was first written to.


Luckily, there is a workaround. Mark all members of the backup set other than the one you want to view as "Missing." Then, prepare to run a restore, searching the backup set using the selector "All Files." (Afterwards, you can set all the members as "Found.")

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