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Client Wake-on-LAN doesn't work for scripts—is it supposed to?


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Motivated by a weird hang on a "Sat. Backup" Recycle Media Set script run that I eventually aborted early Saturday morning, yesterday I tried running my experimental "Sat. Backup Incremental" script with both my client machines set to Sleep in the Apple menu.  (I first updated the Retrospect Client on my MacBook Pro from the 12.0 version to the version.   The Client on my G4 Digital Audio tower—my other client machine—is the legacy Mac PowerPC 6.3.029 version, because it's running under OS X 10.3—don't ask.)  The script run skipped backing up both client machines because of -535 errors, with no hangs.  In the Retrospect 12.5 Console, both Clients have the Wake-on-LAN option checkmarked.  In System Preferences->Energy Saver: the MBP has Wake for network access checkmarked; the G4 has the Wake for Ethernet administrator access option checkmarked.


The last post in this thread in the Mac Retrospect 8 forum says "I can't confirm this myself but I have read in other threads that Retrospect doesn't support Wake on Lan despite it having a check-box indicating it is supported. One other user claimed this is a programming mistake and that this check box doesn't do anything and hasn't for many releases. Apparently many have asked for a true WOL feature to be implemented. "


Page 43 of the Mac User's Guide says "Check the box next to Enable Wake-on-LAN if you want to make sure that Retrospect wakes up a sleeping client computer for Proactive Backup activities."  Page 346 of the Windows User's Guide says "Retrospect cannot wake a sleeping Mac OS client computer to back it up. Make sure that each Mac OS client’s sleep preference is set to never put the computer to sleep."


Does the Client Wake-on-LAN option not work at all, or does it work only for Proactive Backup activities?  Either way, Retrospect Inc. should either (1) implement Wake-on-LAN for scripted activities, (2) modify the Client dialog in the Console to indicate that the option is only for Proactive Backup activities, or (3) eliminate the option.


P.S.: Re-inserted inter-paragraph spaces that were in non-Bug-Reports version but got dropped in copy to Bug Reports.

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Just for the record, Retrospect Tech Support confirmed in September 2016 that Client Wake-on-LAN doesn't work for Mac 12.0 clients and a Mac 12.5 Engine, at least for scheduled Backup scripts.  See this post for my report of what T.S. replied for my Support Case; see preceding posts in that thread for the tests I made and reported in that Support Case.

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