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Ability to recover a client using DR CD and media instead of over network

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We use USB connected external drives as the media for our backups. It would be nice to be able to boot a client from the Retrospect DR CD, connect the USB media and recover that client directly instead of having to set it up and run a recovery job from the server. I believe that it would be much faster, and would not use network resources (bogging everyone else down) to transmit the backed up data.

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You don't say what version of Retrospect you are using. I use Retrospect for Windows V10.5 Multi-Server and I have already used that method. I had a client/laptop that the hard drive died on. I hooked my usb disk with the latest Retrospect backup on it directly to the laptop (that same disk also has the catalog on it). I then booted the laptop off of the DR CD and prepared the new disk on the laptop. Did a full disk restore. When the restore was done I removed the usb disk and the DR CD and the laptop booted off the newly restored boot disk just fine.

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