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changing ACLs backups whole files again?


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Because of the really reliable server services in OS X I setup a script, that resets ACLs and POSIX permission every morning at a specific network share. Since running Retrospect 12.5 the customer reports that the backup media is full after only 4-5 days. I looked into the protocols and saw that exactly the part of the volume where I set permissions every morning is backup completely.


Versions before 12 did not show this effect. So I think its not problem by my setup it must be a bug.


This is a really huge bug, because every OS X server admin has to set/reset permissions from time to time. If you use the function "propagate permissions" with the server admin tool "Server.app" it leads to backup the entire file tree.

I expected that only META data and permissions are copied and not the whole file.


Please enlighten me  ;)

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As I'm sure you discovered years ago (I found this thread while investigating how thoroughly you read semi-technical documents in English), this is not a "really huge bug".  Instead it is the "Use attribute modification date when matching" feature, which defaults to "on" and was activated by your changing the attribute modification dates on part of the server volume.  That feature is documented on page 111 of the Retrospect Mac 12 User's Guide, but it was also documented for the preceding Retrospect Mac version.  Therefore, unless your customer had just upgraded from OS X 10.3, I suspect the "really huge bug" was in fact activated by your introducing your script "that resets ACLs and POSIX permission every morning at a specific network share".

Please in the future finish threads you have participated in by stating your long-term solution.  Everyone makes "bug"-reporting mistakes—I do, but it is important for other Retrospect administrators that we have a permanent record on these Forums of what the real solutions were.

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