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ESTIMATE next Backup amount ...

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Is there anyway to get an estimate or report on how much data will be backed up on the next run of the Script?

(which is about now, not days or weeks away as I know it will have changed by them as files get modified...)

In this case it is a Tape backup.


Thank you.


Retrospect 9.0.2

OSX 10.6.8 


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It sounds like what you want to do is to run a backup without actually backing anything up; i.e., you want Retrospect to scan the source(s), match to the catalogue, and then stop, while still reporting all of the matching results in the log. I can't think of any way to do that.


One partial solution would be to run the script and not have the required tape member in the drive; the Activity window would report how much data was due to be backed up. Unfortunately, that would only be useful for the first source the script was accessing, as it would then stop until the correct media was inserted.


We rely on past experience with each source as a general guide as to how much data is likely to be backed up.

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