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OS X Clients ( maybe I'm just plain stupid ! )

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Hi all


I have an XServe with an AIT connected and I also have 10 OS X clients connected, I have not used Retrospect for so long that things seem to have changed...


When I used to backup OS 9 clients with a script, upon shutdown the client used to "wait for backup" but the X client doesn't seem to do this - is this correct ?


Thanks for any advice


Mac The Knife

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This is an old post but I've been trying to figure out how to use the shut down after a backup option on my scripts. Is that really not possible? Why does Retrospect give us that option on the Script though?


Any new developments here? This is a really important feature ...


Thanks for any insights.



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You get the option on the script because some of the clients may be running Mac OS 9. It has never applied to Windows clients.


Personally I now don't shutdown any of my computers, it is so convenient coming back to the computer and having it instantly available. I do still have some computers set to automatically sleep though.


There are (at least) two options to allow backups to run despite having clients asleep. One option is using the "Wake for ethernet network administrator access" setting. Retrospect does not support this, but third party utilities do. Another option is to use the Energy Saver settings to have the client automatically wake up for a period when the backup server is active.

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It might be convenient to have computers instantly available without having to start them up, but our electricity consumption has increased by over 50% since we started using Retrospect 6.0 as I can no longer shut down or even sleep the Mac clients on the network.


Depending on the type of work we have been doing, the backup data varies dramatically in size, hence a backup script can take anything from 45 minutes to 8 hours to complete. I cannot schedule wake up and sleep times during the night as the script may not have finished by the time a client Mac goes to sleep, which will interrupt the client backup before it has completed.


To allow for possible lengthy backup periods I now have to leave all our client Macs on all night.


I hope Dantz finds a solution to this in the next release, as I find 50% higher power comsumption a backward step, especially when we are all trying hard to conserve energy.



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