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Advice dailies workflow to LTO

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I need some advices regarding my dailies workflow. Every week or so I receive video footage from the director and I need to make an extra back-up of this footage, while the overall filming has not been completed. Fast and cheap, durable. After the entire project has been completed I can remove and re-use the LTO backup for the next project. I already have an LTO5 setup and use Retrospect 9 w/ Tandberg HH on a Mac Pro v2013.



1) I incidentally need to access the LTO5 tape, but hopefully not too much, in case data is lost. I also want to re-use the LTO5 tape after the project has been completed. Is it better to use an HDD (easier access) in this scenario or LTO5 (faster/bit cheaper/smaller -> can put it in a safe). I don't need long-term storage. Only for the duration of the project.
2) Normally I don't use verification at all after the LTO5 has been written to and completed, to save time. Is it recommended to use verification of the LTO5 backup w/ Retrospect or does it verify and write data at the same time w/ Retrospect? What is the error ratio if not verified?  

3) Does it matter if I use $20 LTO5 tapes (Imation/HP..) or $50 LTO5 tapes?

4) Does the LTO5 tape withstand freezing temperatures or heat (down to -10 Celsius / up to 35 Celsius) if I want to store the tape for eg in my outdoor barn to spread backups?


Many thanks!


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1) You can always use Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape. Backup to Disk then Transfer/Copy to tape.

2) LTO uses read-after-write, so I don't think Retrospect verification is necessary.

3) I have always use HP tapes, but only LTO3 and LTO 4.

4) I don't think the temperature would be a problem, but moisture might be. Especially if you bring a -10 degree tape into normal room temperature. It would take several hours (overnight) before the tape is useable.

<Two minutes later>. Yes, the temperature will be a problem. 16 C or 61 F is minimum. http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/storage/media/lto_5/specifications.html

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Thanks Lennart!


Basically I store one backup on a HDD disk and from this I write to LTO, so I have one copy on HDD and one on LTO. I'm working with 2k footage now, so having backups in 2 HDD disks is too pricey. If I can use LTO at the price of $20 per tape min and put it in a safe meanwhile, and reuse the tapes after the project this would be perfect.



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