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Backing up to Blu-Ray Media -- Panasonic. Have you done it?

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Did you know you can use Blu-Ray media with Retrospect?

  I didn't.    Seems to be Windows only.

  Retrospect advertising lists only CD / DVD for Optical Media.


Storage Device Table:



The above url produces the following table which shows Blu-Ray media for Retrospect Windows.


Product Name             Manufacturer     Interface      Media types      Windows          Date


Panasonic SW-5582   Panasonic         ATAPI          Blu-ray              Qualified          -
Panasonic SW-5583   Panasonic         Serial-ATA   Blu-ray              Qualified          -
Panasonic SW-5584   Panasonic         Serial-ATA   Blu-ray              Qualified          -
Plextor PX-B900A       Plextor               ATAPI          Blu-ray              Qualified          -



I have two new LG WH14NS40  that show up on "Storage Devices" as"BD-RE Wh14NS40" but 

do not allow device configuration  .... With BD-R or DVD+R.  I have not tried BD-RE.

These are "Devices visible using NT Passthrough...."      The Retrospect manual suggests that any

passthrough device could be used with Retrospect.    Blu-Ray is quite afforable.  The LG Drives

are popular and inexpensive.  I purchased mine from Newegg for $38 each.  Verbatim 10 pack of

BD-R single layer 25GB media was just a bit over $10 (for 10).


I have not found any indication of anyone having success with Blu-Ray.


Have you used Blu-Ray?




- laternser

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