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Error -557 (transaction already complete) for Linux client

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I have been having a problem with this error message for close to a year. I am fairly certain it started when I upgraded to Retrospect Desktop for Windows 9.5 about a year ago, although I don't have records to verify that. I have two clients, one running Windows 10 and the other Xubuntu 14.04. I back up to external hard drives.


Backups of the desktop and the Windows client execute without problems, but with the Linux client I get the error message on nearly every backup. It is totally unpredictable. I just started a new (recycled) backup set a few days ago. On the first attempt to back up the entire client, the error occurred after the first 203 MB. On the second attempt it completed 1.3 GB. On the third try it made it all the way to 20.3 GB, failing with just 384 MB remaining. On a fourth try it appears to have completed the remaining files. It always occurs on the main source (/). Retrospect backs up four other sources (/run, /run/shm, /run/user and /dev) without the error. (/run/user always fails because of insufficient permissions.)


The trouble is that I don't know how reliable the backup is. When it fails, no snapshot is created and the backup is not verified. The error message does not say what file is being processed when the error occurs. I don't have a lot of trust in my backup sets after weeks or months of frequent errors.


I installed the client by running Install.sh after extracting from the x86 .tar file downloaded from the Retrospect site. My backups ran successfully with the previous version of Retrospect. I don't remember how I dealt with the older client when I installed the 9.5 upgrade, but I am pretty certain that I just installed the upgrade over the previous client. Yesterday I searched for instructions on uninstalling and reinstalling the Linux client, but I couldn't find any instructions that I could understand or follow. One message on this forum had links to a couple of kb articles on uninstalling the client, but the links were no longer valid.


The problem has persisted through several recycle backups, a clean reinstallation of Windows 7 and Retrospect Desktop 9.5 on the host computer, and an upgrade to Windows 10 on the host. It occurs with both backup sets.


I know the client is written for Red Hat Linux, but I never had problems until the last upgrade, and the Install.sh script contains some lines specifically for installation on Ubuntu systems.


Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

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