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What happens when, in the verifying phase, errors are encountered?

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If, after having done a backup, some errors show up in the verifying phase I would expect Retrospect to take note of the files or part of files (if using the block level incremental system) that were not correctly done and mark them so they will be included in the next backup. But, when I see many errors, I restart the job and usually no file (nor a part of one) are backuped again. Can I be sure that the data is already backuped correctly?.

My system uses a Retrospect Professional for Windows version 10.5 backuping to DVDs.



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Yes, always the same brand, Imation. If I have to change brand I do a new "calibration" of the device. And yes I clean the drive from time to time.


But my question was about the reliability of Retrospect as it does not asks for a rebackup of the parts which cannot read after writing them. Now I think a possible solution will be to force the repeat declaring the problematic disc lost and rescheduling the backup(s) written there. It can be done but I think this should be done by Retrospect itself. Or am I missing something?


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Is it just one disc? Then mark it as "lost" and do another backup, just as you suggest.


Yes, Retrospect should backup files with verification errors automatically during the next backup. I have no idea why it does not. Sorry.

(But for verification WARNINGS, the files should be fine. I think of files modified between the backup and the verify, such as log files.)

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Support has told that the -206 error is a very serious media failure and because you can not trust the disc must mark it as lost to get the files backuped again.


Also told that using DVDs are not recommended because, as most users backup to hard disks, tape and NAS devices, they do not plan to certify new DVD hardware in the future.

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