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Backup with Software data compression on


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Can someone tell me what the influence on backup file size will be when creating a backup with the option Software data compression on?

Will the difference in file size of the compressed backup files compared to the original size differ according to the type of files? For example, text and office documents would probably give the best results in compression. How about graphics? Will they compress at all?






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Files that are already compressed will not be more compressed, or at most 1 % savings.


So, yes, the difference depends very much on the type of data/type of files.


Text documents are easy to compress. Some "office" documents are already compressed.


Most graphic documents are already compressed. The only graphic I can think of that isn't compressed is certain types of TIFF files. It is more common for TIFF files to be compressed nowadays.


Uncompressed video is practically non-existant.


Most types of audio files are also compressed.

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