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Retrospect 7.6.111 not using all available space


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Hi - I'm using Retrospect Express 7.6.111 on a Windows 7 machine to backup three drives to a 2Tb external USB drive, i.e., 1863Gb, of which currently about 1176Gb is free. The backups consist of two backup sets, both set to use 'at most' 99% of the drive. However, both backup sets seem to be limiting themselves to using only 340Gb each on the backup drive. One is now complaining that it cannot free up enough space by grooming (to Retrospect's defined policy). No quota is set in Windows. Previous members in the backup set that is not complaining have been marked as lost or damaged as various (smaller) backup drives have failed in the past. I think with the complaining one I just started a new backup set instead. When I look at the properties of either of the current backup sets, it is showing the size as 1860Gb, 1160 free. Windows shows their size as 340Gb each. I tried reducing the size of the complaining one to 98% (so it currently shows 1844Gb as the size), thinking that changing the setting might make it notice that there is plenty of space available, but the same problem occurs. A screenshot is attached.


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Hi Alphatucana,

I'm a little confused by you having 2 backup sets that each want to use 99% of the available disk?

Shouldn't they need to be set at 49% to be able to both fit into the space?


However ... I was wondering if the message is really hiding some other issue? 


Is the catalog for that set damaged perhaps and that's why the grooming is failing?


Anything in the log that gives more detail?


Any other backup sets that may have been "forgotten" by Retrospect but have not been manually deleted on that destination drive?




If you attempt to run a manual "Groom" on that set, does it give more clues as to the problem it is having?

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Hi - thanks for the reply. I've set the two backup sets to 99% each as that is the most they will use - that is, the 'at most' setting as I read it means 'use whatever you need but no more than this' - so if one set turns out to only need 30% and the other needs 69% or less, it will work out OK.


I will try recataloging that set today and report the results, and if it fails again I'll try a manual groom. There aren't any old backup sets on that drive. Currently the error that is in the log is "Trouble writing <backup set> (1125588992), error -106 (data overwrite attempt)" This comes up after it attempts to groom the backup set while running the backup. Over the past few days it has groomed a lot from this set: 438.1Gb, 5.8Gb, 10Gb, 7.6Gb and 8.3Gb reported so far. This suggests that the backup set must have been much bigger a few days ago! Strange that both sets are now the same size however. Coincidence? Anyway, I'll start recataloging now and report back.

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OK, the error stated a particular .rdb file in the backup set that it couldn't overwrite; this turned out to be a zero-byte file, so I deleted it (or sent it to the Recycle Bin just in case) and the backup then worked fine.


Problem solved. Must have been some error when writing the file for the first time.

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