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File count differ after transfer backup set

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Hi Community,


today I did a deeper look into the result of a transfer from a disk backup set to a tape backup set instead only a plausibility check. I found out that the count of files and amount of data differs. I transfer three disk backup sets, one for each server partition, to one tape backup set. In one of these backup sets are more than 10.000 files with 150 GB data missing in the tape backup set, if I compare the log file of the transfer and the properties of the source backup set:


But if I create the sum of files both the target backup set and the source backup set I get the same result


And if I compare the properties of the target and the source backup set I get the same count of files but around 150 GB are missing:




Does anyone know where the missing data is or why I get different results?


Note: There is no deduplication enabled:



Note: The volume where the data is missing is an AFP Share on a Windows based file server (ExtremeZ-IP). Like Apple style there are many extended attributes / alternate data streams in the volume. I don't know if Retrospect has different ways to determine the file count but 150 GB extended attributes is quite impossible, so there is something wrong, I think.


Thx in advance & Bye Tom


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Servus Lennart,


What if you compare a restore from the disk backup set with a restore from the tape backup set, is there a difference?


puh I try to avoid this because the affected volume is the largest volume we have with about 1,5 TB data. But I counted the files listed in the single backup runs, started with the full backup on sunday and each incremental and at least the file count is equal in both backup sets. I think I will open a support ticket on monday. I report the results asap, if there are any...


Thx & Bye Tom

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