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Weird log reports and other behavior while backups seem normal

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I have gotten several strange errors in my log even though most client backups seem to proceed normally. I did have one client come up as reserved (error -505) which is what started me looking for problems. I fixed that by forgetting the source, reinstalling the Client software, and re-adding the Client (First Use). Thereafter the backup scripts proceeded normally. 


However when I went into the log to see why the client hadn't been backing up for two days, I found this...See attached log snippet. Can someone explain these errors and if they have something to do with the above issue or another affecting operation of the backup. I have not seen the line before, 

IFaceIPUpdate: gethostbyname error 1, (Authoritative Answer Host not found), hostname = ML-server.private


Note that the hostname does seem correct and Retro Server runs scripts using the hostname (possibly by address, since that also is correct). No names have been changed for any reason, ever.  You will note that these errors seem to appear in clusters around the dates I started having trouble (6/23/2015) with a client and not before. So far I have reinstalled/restarted that one client. The Server side was restarted by automatic script last Sunday (6/21/2015) on it's normal schedule with no untoward events. 


My signature line below indicates the current software and configuration information on this system. I am reporting this as a bug, really it's a mystery. If you all have seen it before and have troubleshooting advice, please let me know. This is the issue I have experienced since upgrading to the latest release. 

Retro Log_150625.rtf

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I usually fix my reserved errors (-505) by simply restarting the client computer.


That odd error message looks like one of those "debug" messages that Retrospect (unintentionally?) left in the released version of the program. I would simply ignore those messages.

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I also see a similar problem, and it is  a mystery to me, too.


One of my clients backs up with a scheduled script every morning at 5 AM. About every 3-4 days, the script does not run with:



+ Normal backup using daily_nfs_bk at 6/18/15 6:00:01 AM (Activity Thread 1)
To Backup Set v9_daily_nfs_bk...
Can't access volume mercy_daily on Humor, error -505 (backup client reserved)
Can't access volume smile_daily on Humor, error -505 (backup client reserved)
6/18/15 6:00:02 AM: Execution incomplete


I don't reboot the client, or do anything else. I don't think I've ever seen it fail two days in a row, but I would certainly like to see this work more reliably.


Server/Engine is retro 12.0.2 (116) on X 10.8.5. Client is Mac OS X 10.7.x (X client, latest) with Retro client 12.0.2 .116


Client is used as NFS server. It just sits there and serves NFS. A user is logged in all the time, and sleep is disabled.

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