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[Critical] Restore Database / Partition Full

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Hi Community,


today we made the experience to work with a desaster recovery on an Exchange server 2010 SP3. We have a broken hardware and reinstalled the Exchange server on a virtual machine with the RecoveryServer switch from the Exchange setup and restored the databases from a Retrospect Exchange backup into the new server. The databases and transaction logs are located on a E:\ partition. The restore works as long as we restored databases which are smaller than the free space on the C:\ partition is. It seems that Retrospect does first a restore on the C:\ partition and after this is complete it copies the database to it's originial destination. If the free space on the C:\ partition is smaller than the largest database, the C:\ partition is running out of free space and the restore terminates with an error "Disk full".


So it is a normal behavior that the databases are not located on the C:\ Partition. It is best practice recommended from Microsoft to move the datadases on another partition. So how can we avoid this problem that Retrospect ist doing a temp restore first on the C:\ partition? This is a critical question...


Thx & Bye Tom

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