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Pre- and Post-Processor Scripts

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Hi Community,


is it possible to run a script (Windows batchfile for example) before and after Retrospect run its own backup scripts? The reason why we need that is because we have a workstation with a database installed where no backup agent like for a Windows SQL server is available. So we would need to stop the database, backup the volume and start the database after Retrospect finished the backup.


Thx in advance & Bye Tom

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There is a built-in scheduler in Windows. You could schedule the shutdown (say) half an hour before Retrospect runs and schedule the startup an hour or two after Retrospect (normally) is finished.


You don't mention if this is on the Retrospect Server or on a Retrospect Client.

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Servus Lennart,


> There is a built-in scheduler in Windows


I'm aware of the Windows task scheduler but this isn't what I want because without a trigger from Retrospect when the backup is done I have to take care on myself that the Windows script doesn't start the database service to early for example. It could be possible that the Retrospect script starts not on the scheduled because any reason (waiting for the client or the backupset for example) an than I run into trouble because the Windows task scheduler has no knowledge about that delay...


Thx & Bye Tom


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