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Duplicating folder to an off-site hard drive

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I have long wanted to backup my images to an offsite location but have regularly failed to set up the correct pathways in Retrospect. Finally I succumbed to using CrashPlan and made a local copy at home to a hard drive and then attached that to my office mac. The resulting backups were so slow that they never actually happened - and in any case the copied files can only be read by Crashplan and I understand that restore is equally painful - even on the same network.


So, I want to persist in connecting my office mac as a client to to my home retrospect setup. I can use Timbuktu and Apple's own ShareScreen to see the remote Mac but I can never make contact via Retrospect. On the target machine I have opened up a network port on 497 (which I believe is the Retrospect port) and I know it's IP address and the port for the local machine where the drive is attached. But when I try to add the client I get the message that no such location has been found.


I have researched this forum and find references to VPN etc but I have to admit that I am uncertain about remote networking. Can anybody point me to a step-by-step tutorial for connecting my Retrospect server to a remote client.


many thanks


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Thank you. I guessed from what you didn't say that I did not need to specify a port number in the address I entered into Retrospect. So, now I can see the target mac and I have a script which begins to copy files to the remote Mac. However, after copying one file the script fails with an 'error -559 (network connection timeout)'. Is there a way to resolve this?

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Both networks are on ethernet connected to Apple Time Capsules and then to ADSL modems, then via the telephone network.

I am using a Copy script.

If you intend to go forward with this you may want to replace the Apple Time Capsules with routers that support QoS to improve connection reliability. I know from personal experience with an Apple AirPort Extreme that it is not very good at managing upload bandwidth contention on an ADSL (8128 Mbps down, 448 Mbps up) broad connection.


QoS would allow prioritisation of Retrospects traffic and help prevent the -559 error.

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Thanks again Lennart … I know I could have done that, sorry.


It looks like a fairly substantial investment with one of these routers at home and in office - and I have to say that everything else seems to work well. may I ask– is Retrospect particularly susceptible to this problem? Would another software solution be better? Although not impressed by Crashplan

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