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Can I move the server to a new Mac?

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I assumed this was obvious, I want to remove the server from one Mac and move it to another. The support representative however has suggested that might not be possible!!


Surely I am allowed to uninstall it from one Mac, install it on a newer Mac and enter my existing license without having to purchase another copy?


Can anyone clarify this for me?


There are support articles about moving to a new Mac but they all just mention installing it on a new Mac. They could then weasel out of it by saying, well we said install on a new Mac, we didn't say you could use your existing license.


If you really can't do this then it's disgraceful, most software nowadays can be used on multiple personal machines, the ones that need individual licenses can at least be moved so they are only in use on one machine (in case of hardware failures for example).


Did I just get the support numpty or am I going to have problems?


Many thanks.

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You should be able to move Retrospect from one Mac to another.  In order to keep your existing license, scripts, etc. you will need to move the Retrospect config file as well.  If you copy this file you should not have to re-enter existing license number.

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Yes, you can "move" the server to a new mac. Licensing is tied to the engine, and needs to be entered on install. Moving *just* the engine/application does not work.


Also, if you do "move" the server, some things in the config will not translate. For instance, if the catalog files are on a disk that has a different name in the new machine, you'll have to fix that before those scripts/media sets will work.


There are KB article(s) about this describing the details. I think this is mostly a misunderstanding. Maybe the support person misinterpreted what you wanted to do.

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