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Can't get Instant Scan working again

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Because of the bug in 12.0.0 with excluded directories, I briefly turned off Instant Scan.  Then I changed it so the excluded directories are excluded by my rules and turned back on Instant Scan.


But Retrospect refuses to use Instant Scan, which means my backup takes about 8 hours scanning my HD which is not good at all.


The client (12.0.0 (213)) says "Instant Scan is enabled".  The RetrospectInstantScan process is running.


The source options say "Enable Instant Scan" is on.


But the log shows it is not using Instant Scan:


    -  27/04/2015 02:14:20: Copying Zany on Zany


    ****** Warning: Copying hard-linked directories (such as those created by Time Machine) is not supported.. ******


    27/04/2015 10:04:44: Found: 4233166 files, 784901 folders, 1.6 TB

    27/04/2015 10:34:12: Finished matching


Any suggestions on how I can resolve this?



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It seems if I restart my client Mac, the first time it uses Instant Scan, and then not again.


Instant Scan scans my Mac in a few minutes.


Without it, the scan takes around 8 hours.  This is not helpful!  It would be disastrous if I had more than one Mac with lots of files to scan.

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