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Retrospect is CPU bound

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I just upgraded to v12 for the speed improvements.


I started a grooming (matching) and I see the process is at 100% (1 hardware thread), when I have 8 in my MBP and nothing else is running.


This bottleneck has existed for as long as I can remember (I use Retrospect since the Cube).


It is time to make such tasks multicore, at least 4 hardware threads for Desktop.


BTW, I bought Desktop originally instead of Express because it supported tape, and I think it does not now (considering going back to LTO), and I only need to backup 1 or 2 computers.





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The Desktop version supports a single tape drive. The Single-Server version support a tape library with a single tape drive.


For most tasks, the bottleneck is i/o, not CPU.


I think that Retrospect uses one CPU core per execution unit. Since Desktop is limited to one execution unit, it uses one core.

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I can see for many years now in the system monitor that it is limited to 1 hardware thread per activity.


I spend a lot of the time bottlenecked by this, so it is worth optimising (at least in matching, where I was seeing it now). I basically have no use for multiple concurrent activities.

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