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media set entanglement (server 10.5)

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I started a backup with a 5 member disk backup set and a backup finished writing to member #4 and wanted to move on to writing to member #5. When I mounted drive #5 to the machine, Retrospect didn't recognize the 5th member. The OS did see and could write to the drive no problem. So I stopped the backup script and removed the member and added it back again as the 5th member, then started the backup script again - but looks like Retrospect is running the backup from scratch - leaving 1/2 TB on the previous drive. Can I delete the aborted backup data off the drive and reclaim it? Have the manual open and it doesn't seem to be a trivial operation. Thanks!


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There is no good way to delete backup data from a media set. You could mark member #4 as missing and erase the drive, but you would lose everything that was on that member.


Are you sure that Retrospect is really trying to back everything up again? And what is "everything?" The source that was being backed up at the time that Retrospect failed to recognize the new member, or literally everything?


Normally, when a backup is interrupted, Retrospect will only try to back up new or changed files at the next backup, assuming, of course, that the usual "match files" and "don't add duplicates" options are checked. Of course, if you have a large amount of data on the source that is frequently being modified, you could have a lot of data to back up, even after a relatively brief interruption.


Have you confirmed that your script parameters (rules, options, etc.) haven't changed?

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Tim, thanks for taking the time to reply.


Confirming nothing changed in the script other than just re-running it.


Is there no way to delete the bad backup media? This is what the log wrote:


   To Backup Set 4TB-HGST...
    -  3/30/15 5:44:50 PM: Copying backup on PROD1
    -  3/30/15 7:52:50 PM: Verifying backup on PROD1
    4/1/15 7:18:50 PM: Execution stopped by operator
    Remaining: 1678 files, 1.4 TB
    Completed: 255 files, 526.9 GB
    Performance: 4,845.4 MB/minute
    Duration: 1:23:51:06 (1:21:59:45 idle/loading/preparing)
Then, working out the 5th member, the backup is looking like this:
    To Backup Set 4TB-HGST...
    -  4/1/15 7:28:22 PM: Copying backup on PROD1
    4/2/15 4:02:02 PM: Snapshot stored, 2.8 MB
    4/2/15 4:02:09 PM: Execution completed successfully
    Completed: 1678 files, 1.4 TB
    Performance: 4,434.4 MB/minute
    Duration: 20:33:46 (15:04:36 idle/loading/preparing)
    -  4/2/15 4:02:13 PM: Verifying 4TB-HGST
And I can confirm the new backup consumed 1.4TB on the 5th member. So a 1.4TB backup actually consumed 2TB to space!! 526.9 GB but stopped on Media member #4, and 1.4TB on media member #5.
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Looking at your log excerpts, I don't see any problem. It would appear that Retrospect did exactly what it should have done. The log shows that you had a total of just over 1.9 TB of data to back up on March 30. It was able to write 527 GB of this data before you stopped the script. When you were successfully able to add the 5th member and began running the script again on April 1, Retrospect backed up the remaining 1.4 TB to this new member. 


Is there something I've missed here?

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