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Activities window - pending operations order

Don Lee

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This is mostly a nit, but would be a plus for those of us who have scripts that have to run in a particular sequence. (like zero the destination, then copy to that destination. Get it in the wrong order, and you get trouble.)


What I do is schedule my scripts at times that are different, but not far enough apart, relying on retro to execute them in the order they are requested. For instance, I have scripts:


scriptA - 12:01 AM

scriptB - 12:02 AM

scriptC - 12:03 AM

scriptD - 12:04 AM

scriptE - 12:05 AM


All these scripts specify a particular thread. I rely on this technique to ensure that A, B, C, D, and E are executed in the right order.


This works.


Each of these scripts can take a while, so at 3 AM, the console shows me little yellow trangles showing the scripts that have not yet run.


The only problem is that the little yellow triangles are in the wrong order. It looks like they are in strict reverse order, but I'm not sure. There appears to be the occasional exception.


It would be nice if the pending operations would appear in the activities window in the order that they are going to be launched. This is not a major functional issue, but would remove a bit of anxiety from the user ,who might think that the order presented will be the order of execution.


BTW - this is retro 11.5.3 on engine and console. Mac os x 10.6 for console and mac os X 10.8 for engine.

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