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Warning: Copying hard-linked directories - which?

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Retrospect has a warning that appears on one of my Macs:


Warning: Copying hard-linked directories (such as those created by Time Machine) is not supported.


Unfortunately, the warning does not tell me *what* hardlinked directory it is talking about. I have checked the disk over thoroughly, and as far as I can tell there are no hardlinked directories on the volume, so I'd really like the log message to tell me the name of at least one of the supposed hardlinked directories so I can investiage the issue.

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Retrospect displays this warning if it comes across the same directory path multiple times while scanning, indicating a hard-linked directory. Time Machine is the most common example of this, but we also found one in an OS X 10.10 Preview.


You're quite right about including at least one path for this message. We'll look into this.

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