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Restoring files after hard drive corrupted - error logged near end of restore


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Personal user here who bought the product to have backups of my external hard drives with all my photographs stored on them (80,000 +/-).  The drive became corrupted and so I had to reformat the drive and restored my back-up files overnight and into the early morning.  Before leaving for the office (~ 7AM), I checked in on the progress and the ETA for completion was another 1:45 min (so ~ 8:45 AM). On return home, restore had completed and I checked the logs.  At 8:50 AM there were tow errors reported:

  • Can't Access volume Photos X: - error 1102 (drive mising/unavailable)
  • Script "Backup X-->Q" incomplete


Running version (Desktop version) as ver. 10 update came while we were on vacation and so I havenot yet upgraded


I have noticed that some photographs from the last couple of subdirectories seem to be missing on my restored drive (the subdirectories are present, but empty of contents).  I am in oporcee of checking other subdirectories to see if anything else may be missing too.


My question is - Is there a way to get Retrospect to restart the recovery so that it only checks for and adds back any missing files to my photos hard-drive, or do I need to start over from the beginning again and hope everyhting transfers over again without error?





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