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RetroISA process prevents unmounting of drives

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Whenever I mount a physical disk to my Mac, I cannot unmount it anymore.

It shows a message that the disk is in use by another process.

I can force remove it if I want, but that's not a nice option, so I don't.


Found out that RetroISA is the process that is accessing this drive.

Don't know why it is, but if I stop RetroISA using activity monitor, I can safely remove the drive as wanted.


I'm running Retrospect client 11.5.0 (137) but this happens with earlier versions too.

Clients are Macs with 10.8 thru 10.10.

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Thanks, that's a nice tip. I'll give that a try, although I'm positive it will not make me happy.

It's all about occasionally connecting a drive to my Mac and thats most of the time a drive that wasn't connected before.

So I would have to do that every time.


I'd rather have Retrospect not touch my external drives unless I explicitly use them in backup jobs on the server.

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