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V12.0 upgrade not working

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Attracted by the claims for improvements in speed I downloaded the new version and installed it over my existing v10.5. But the console cannot find the engine, even after following the prompts to upgrade the engine. I have uninstalled, reinstalled 10 from Time Machine - and even removed that and reinstalled from the old 10dmg. All I get is a spinning cog wheel, either for the generic or for the actual address of the engine.


Reverting to 10.5 doesn't get rid of the 12.0 engine and I can't connect with that version either


Should I remove the 12.0 engine and revert to the 10.5 engine – and if so how

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You should run the Uninstall script located in the Retrospect app folder; then reboot. (Although the script is supposed to ignore your media set catalogs and configuration file, if you don't have a recent copy of these files, I would drag these items from /Library/Application\ Support/Retrospect to the Desktop just to be safe.)


I would then try running the Retrospect 12 installer again to see if you have better luck this time.

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