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Backup Set Only Using Tiny Fraction of Drive Space


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Backups have started halting, waiting for additional members due to insufficient storage, but I have plenty of capacity. Each backup set uses one 3TB drive, set to use up to 95%, but it's halting at the 700GB mark (25%) for some reason. See below:


Backup Set Details:



Used: 678.2 G

Available: 1976.9 G

1 member in use, 27 sessions, 31 snapshots


Member properties:

Type: Local Volume

File System: NTFS

Used: 677.9 G

Free: 2116.8 G (75% available)

Total: 2794.6 G

Use at most: 2,655 G or 95%

How do I tell the backup set to use more drive space?



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I had a similar situation with the Single Server version, in doing a backup set transfer. I ended up creating a second backup member on the same disk, and it was able to complete. That was about 3-4 sessions ago (these occur weekly). It has not recurred, but I have made other changes since then (notably disabling incremental block transfer). At the time, I wondered if there was some size limit like there used to be for 2 TB drives, but it didn't match up as in your case with 700 GB.

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