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Need assistance restoring from old backup using new server install

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I hope someone can help me because I am really stuck.  Here is my situation.  I have a iMac with a Fusion drive running OS 10.8.5 with Retrospect server 10.5.0 with a client 5 pack.  This iMac backs up the boot volume plus a couple external drives and several network clients to an external RAID 5 array.  During the holidays the iMac started acting sluggish and then one day Drive Genius 3 reported problems with the drive.  Disk Utility and Drive Genius is unable to verify the drive and when I restart this mac from an external boot volume, the Mac OS tells me the internal fusion drive cannot be repaired and must be reformatted.


OK, this is a bummer but I have a complete backup so all should be good -I hope.  Currently I must boot and run this iMac off an external drive and the RAID array is also connected.  I have Retrospect server 10.5 installed on this external volume but it will not let me Locate/Add the Media Set located on the RAID array.  I should be able to do this right?  The backup was made by retrospect while it was running from the internal fusion drive that is now toast.  How else can I restore the internal drive after formatting unless I run retrospect from an external drive and use the catalog/backup on the RAID array?


When I select Media Sets within Retrospect and then click the Locate button in the toolbar, I can navigate to and select the backup catalog on the RAID array but when I click the OK button it doesn't do anything.  The button is available, it isn't grayed out.  Am I going about this wrong?  How can I restore my data to the internal Fusion drive or any other volume for that matter?



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Yes, you can do this. If the media set is a "disk" set, you have to locate the catalog, and then find the member(s). I hope there is only one.


Locating the members is not intuitive. If there is a folder "backups" containing your "catalog_file", you need to select "backups" when telling Retro where it is.


For the members, the same rule applies. If you put your members in the same directory as the catalog, as I do, you will have a "Retrospect" folder in "backups". Inside "Retrospect is a couple more levels of directories, but you should stay out of there. As far as Retro is concerned, the "members" are in "backups".


In your case the members look like they are in "RAID".


I have complained that this is not obvious, and that the feedback from Retro is poor (or missing), but this should allow you to "find" your media set.


Remember that when you click on the catalog, Retro may have to read it, and that may take a while. (I think)

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