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Help Getting System Up Again

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I had Retrospect 10 running on my MacMini server to back up the Macs on my network.  The backups were being stored on a Drobo 5D connected by Thunderbolt.  I recently had two drive failures in the DROBO and had to completely reset that system and format the 5 3TB drives that contained all the data. So I have to reconfigure my system to get the Macs backing up again.  Is there a simple procedure to get going again or do I have to wipe everything out of Retrospect and start brand new?  I have about 11 sources in my Proactive script.  Do I reset the Media collection and will Retrospect sense that it needs to back them all up as if it never saw them before?


TIA for any assistance.



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This would


When I installed a Mac Client on my bosses new MacBook Pro, the client immediately recognized that Retrospect client had been installed on his previous machine.  What do I need to do to reset his local settings?

This is likely because the hard drive volume on his new computer was cloned from his previous computer. Assuming you can log in to the client, there is probably no reason to reset the Retrospect client, since everything important about the client (favorite folders, etc.) resides on the Retrospect server.


If you do use favorite folders, you will need to add them for his new hard drive volume, since the old volume is now unavailable.


If you do want to completely reset the client software, you will need to uninstall the Retrospect client and then check that the file retroclient.state, located at /Library/Preferences, has been deleted.

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You don't say that you uninstalled and reinstalled the Retrospect client software. Can we assume you did this? What client version did you install?


The only time the client software itself will ask for a password is during the installation process. If you have created and are using a public/private keypair, the installer will not ask for a password, and you won't need a password to log in from the Retrospect server.


I would try running the uninstaller again and trash retroclient.state if it hasn't already been deleted. You might also check whether there are any other files or folders referencing Retrospect in the root or user Library and trash any that you find.


Run the client installer again. Make sure you are using the client version appropriate to your version of Retrospect.

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