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Schedules fail to run! This is unacceptable.

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Retrospect 11.5.3 keeps failing to run scheduled scripts. It'll run for a few days, then just fails without warning. Of course, I don't notice the lack of emails for a few days. This is very bad. I thought I asked for help about this before but got nothing.


Tonight I launched Retrospect to check on something and noticed that nothing was running. It then started running today's scheduled scripts, except they never got around to actually doing anything - just sat there saying "Preparing to execute" for half an hour, which is much longer than they normally do that step. So I stopped them, but they never stopped either. Not even logging out and back in would fix that. I had to reboot, and even then I had to force it to shut down because something (and I'd bet ten bucks that something was Retrospect) was preventing it from shutting down.


Fix this crap.

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My previous report was on the "Retrospect bug reports" board. Are you saying that one is only looked at by users and Retrospect CS doesn't look at it to help better their own products? At every place I've been a developer, some portion of the staff followed and interacted with public forums, from CS all the way up to engineers and management. I was assuming the makers of Retrospect were wise enough to do that as well.

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