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Can't get jobs to run on new PC


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I've set up a new PC and installed my old version of RS (same version as on old PC);.


All my jobs and such appear to have transferred properly.  At least they're there and show up in RS.


BUT.  The jobs won't run.  In desparation I wiped one of the backup drives and deleted the catalog file and was able to get one job to work.  But the other jobs still won't start.


I don't know what's missing. Do I have to delete the catalog for all jobs?  That means I lose all older versions of the files.


Any ideas?







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These are all proactive jobs.  That's the only kind we use.


The Operations Log shows absolutely no activity other than from the on job that ran by clearing the catalog and backup set.  Is there another log?


The only way I know to force an immediate backup is to double click on the script in the Activity Monitor/Proactive tab and select Always Active.  That forces the job script status to display "active".  At the same time, the backup set shows "ready" and the source shows "ASAP".


Does any of this help diagnose the problem?





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I guess it's the backup sets that are not available. (Or are they called media sets nowadays?)

For my second guess i say it can't find the clients.


Can you browse the backup/media sets for snapshots and files?

Can you browse (one of) the client's files?


You might want to create a "normal" script for test purposes. Add one source that you know is available, add one backup/media set used by the proactive backups, schedule it 2 minutes later than "now". Observe what happens in two minutes.

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