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Inclusions and Exclusions

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I would like to only copy a few folders on all machines on our network. We are using a variety of OS X versions. Basically I want to copy each user's Desktop and Documents folder along with their /Users/<username>/Library/Mail/ Directory. I am also excluding a variety of folders and files. Here are my inclusions and exclusions. I can successfully copy the Desktop and Documents folder but the /Users/Mail/<username>/Library/Mail/ directory does not copy. I have tried to put a wildcard to represent the user but that does not seem to work. Below is a list of my inclusions and exclusions.


Inclusions       Any      

Folder Mac Path contains /Users/

Folder is Windows Folder Documents and Settings

Folder Windows Path contains \Users\

Folder Unix Path contains /usr/


Exclusions       Any      

Folder Mac Path contains Applications

Folder Mac Path contains Quarantine

Folder Mac Path contains System

Folder Mac Path contains diradmin

Folder Mac Path contains aetechstudent

Folder Mac Path contains Movies

Folder Mac Path contains Music

Folder Mac Path contains Pictures

Folder Mac Path contains .Trashes

Folder Mac Path contains .Trash

Folder Mac Path contains Calendars

Folder Mac Path contains Dropbox

File Name contains .caf        

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The problem is that one client computer gets files from the /Users/*/Library/ directory but another client computer does not receive the /Users/*/Library/ directory. I am not sure what the issue is. I cannot seem to consistently backup data on client machines. Which renders the software useless.

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It's possible that the problem client has blocked access to their user Library folder. The default is to enable clients to do this, but you can change this capability either globally (in Retrospect's Preferences:Client window) or for the specific client in the Sources window.


If you access and attempt to browse this client's source volume from the Retrospect server, are you able to view inside /Users/*/Library?

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