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Retrospect 10.5.0 (145): Verify asks for member marked as lost, and fails

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Hi there,


I can't verify my media set, which has one member marked as lost.


During backup one of the tapes gone bad, so I trashed it, marked as lost in media set and restarted the backup.


Now, I want to verify this set - and I can't, because Retrospect asks for member which is marked as lost and I don't have it.

What is the purpose of this option then? How can I verify if my set is readable?




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My verification was going overnight and by the time I came to work media request timed out, aborting verification procedure.

So if I disable media timeout, I should be able to skip this member. I will try that, thank you.

Still it does not make any sense to me to require missing media during verification.

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It's worse than that. After skipping or marking member as missing during verify, process returned "1 execution error" in log, without any number of files which did not pass verification. Very helpful.

There is a lot data missing in media set though!


When I marked member as lost and relaunched backup, I expected Retrospect to redo backup of data which was on missing member, to make media set complete.

It did not do that.

This product is completely broken. Sometimes I have the impression such bugs were introduced in last 10.5 update, just before releasing new paid 11.0 update. Hopefully it's just an impression.

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I know that is user to user discussion and I appreciate your help Lennart.


The problem is all this issues showed up now, when our support expired. So I at least wanted to know if someone else was dealing with similar bugs.


Oh, now I see my LTO5 members in recently created sets are having 2322 TB space free each... More fun!

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