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Data Migration questions

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I am going to to a data migration. well I'm going to increment disk size adding 2 new disks to a RAID, but because of harware limitations, i cannt increment disk size without reformating the Logical Drive.


So as I am going to do it with two separate Logical Drives (Same RAID Enclosure), my ideia is to "manually" copy the contents from the 1st to the 2nd, then add the 2 new disks fto the second and finally restore the contents from a Retro Backup to the 1st. (Am I thinking well?)


My trouble is if the the backup isn't well done, I have  the option of media verification only (against  Thorough verification or No verif..)


May I scan the media to confirm? 

BTW If I copy from the 1st to the 2nd with retro (against soft copy from finder) it will be fast? Or I will loose network performance (The disks are FC Connected)?





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