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Retrospect 11.5.2 Client Installation Automation

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I installed the client with the GUI and moved the file somewhere else with mv command. I then ran the cat command on the /Library/Preferences/retroclient.state file and found that many of the configurations are stored in the file. The computer name and IP address are pushed into the file. The path of the Retrospect Client.pref file is also shown. I believe the password is located in there somewhere but it does not use a traditional hash of any type. It could be the first line but I don't know. So installed ran the uninstall script from the gui and removed the retrospect client. I then ran the following command.


sudo installer -pkg /Volumes/Retrospect/Client\ Installers/Mac/Retrospect\ Client\ Installer.pkg -target /


I then copied the file back to the /Library/Preferences/ directory. It appears seems as though it installed correctly, yet I cannot change the privacy setting to set exclusions. Which sucks in my opinion. I think I can almost script this now if I can figure how to change the privacy settings. I almost think it is a retroclient.state permission issue. 


The script will have to push the file through ssh.


cat <localfile> | ssh <username>@<hostname> "cat > <remotefile> && other commands"


I work on this more in a bit.

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The exclusions are stored in "/Library/Preferences/retclient.dat", as a set of paths separated by newlines. You can verify by going to the client preference pane in System Preferences and adding one in the Privacy tab. The password is stored in "/Library/Preferences/retroclient.state". For distributing the client across multiple machines, you can use public/private keypairs (documentation) to get around manually entering the password on the client.

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