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Retrospect 11.5.2 won't properly accept source options in Copy Backup scripts


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I'm not sure in what version the problem first appeared, but it is definitely present in v11.5.2.


If one is creating a new Copy Backup script or modifying a script created in an earlier version, it is very difficult to change the source options. For example, the default option is "Copy most recent backups from each source." If one attempts to change this option to anything else (for example, "Copy backups from each selected source"), it will consistently revert back to the default option when the script is saved.


If one fiddles with changing the source media set and the source options and attempts to save after each change, one can eventually get the options to stick. Unfortunately, this new configuration then becomes the default, and it is impossible to change the source media set and source options to anything else without some additional amount of fiddling and save attempts before the changes will eventually take.


Furthermore, when browsing the source list for a given media set, the initial condition as to which sources appear as selected seems to be random. Most often, all of the sources appear as being selected. However, sometimes the source list for one media set will show the sources that were previously selected for a different media set, and sometimes the source list will have no sources selected.


The worst case I've seen when clicking on "Browse..." is that the source list will seem to have no sources selected. Then, when clicking on the selection checkbox, a checkmark will briefly appear and then disappear. When in this state, highlighting the entire source list via one of the name columns will cause checkmarks to appear for all the sources, suggesting that the sources were always actually selected even when they appeared not to be.


I haven't checked (and I don't have the time to explore) to see how the script actually behaves after I have gotten source changes to stick, so I don't know if the script changes that appear in the console will govern the actual copy operation. However, given the problems with Copy Backup and Copy Media Set scripts that iCompute has recently documented (http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/150511-nasty-bug-scheduled-copy-media-set-only-copies-fraction-of-data/ and http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/151499-copy-media-set-does-not-copy-old-backups/) the bizarre behavior I experienced in trying to edit Copy Backups scripts does not inspire confidence. 

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