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Post Clean-Install Restore of Server/Console Missing Data

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Console and Server run on same machine.

Wiped drive and clean install of OS (10.10)


Fresh install of Retrospect 11.5.1

Entered License code


Restored entire contents of /Library/Application Support/Retrospect

Restored ~/Library/Preferences/com.retrospect plist


When the console is launched, all Rules, Catalogs, Media Sets, the whole shebang is missing. 


Not sure if this is a Yosemite problem or a restore problem. 

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Those steps sound correct, but when you "quit", did you stop the server via System Preferences and then start it after the "/Library/Application Support/Retrospect" restore?


Otherwise, the server would still be running in the background and using the initial blank catalog. Those settings are all stored in "/Library/Application Support/Retrospect/Config80.dat", and the Media Set information is stored in "/Library/Application Support/Retrospect/Catalogs/" as a .rbc file. The "com.retrospect.Retrospect.plist" only contains the console's server listing, so it isn't essential for the restore.

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